Automatic PR merging now in beta testing

Dependabot can now automatically merge patch-level updates for you.

Automerged updates must be enabled at the account level (from account settings in your dashboard) before they can be configured on a project.

Auto merge

We see auto-merging as a bit of an experiment. We're not yet sure exactly when it's a good idea, but are certain it has a role to play.

For now, if you ask Dependabot to automatically merge PRs it will merge patch-level updates where the dependency is post-1.0 and your tests are passing. Pull requests will be created as normal, and merged shortly afterwards.

In future, we imagine making the above settings customisable. We think you might want to auto-merge only development dependencies, in-range updates, or dependencies with a certain compatibility score, for example.

We'd love your thoughts as we develop auto-merging further - get in touch!


Update 2018-03-06: We're already expanded the options for automerging! You can now select different settings for development and runtime dependencies:

Auto merge updated

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