Set working hours for automatic PR merging

You can now specify "working hours" for Dependabot's automerge functionality. 🤖

Automerged updates must be enabled at the account level (from account settings in your dashboard) before they can be configured on a project.

Automerge options

We added the option to automerge Dependabot PRs back in March. It's been a big success - 10% of repos using Dependabot now have some form of automerging enabled.

Previously if automerging was enabled Dependabot would merge PRs as soon as CI passed on them. Now you can specify working hours for Dependabot to do the merges in. We hope it will allow even more people to benefit from automerging.

To make the above work, we've also made Dependabot fully timezone aware. You can now specify a timezone in your settings, rather than using UTC for everything (although UTC is always an option):

Timezone options

Finally, we'd like the thank @appltn for his feedback on restricting merges to working hours. If you ever have any feedback, or if you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know!


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