Ignoring a major / minor version

We just shipped a handy new feature: you can now ask Dependabot to ignore a major or minor version of a dependency.

Say you're using React Router 3.x, and know the upgrade path to 4.x isn't straightforward. You'd love to do the work, but just can't prioritise it right now.

Previously, Dependabot would troll you every time a new 4.x release came out. We liked to call it reminding, but let's be honest. Specifying a version constraint in your package.json wouldn't help either - Dependabot would just bump that constraint for you, too.

Now, when you close a PR, Dependabot will give you the option to ignore that major/minor version.

Weekly bumping demo

The above is our solution to "the Gemfile problem": how, or whether, Dependabot should interpret constraints in a project's manifest file. Now that you can easily tell Dependabot to ignore a dependency version instead, we hope that thorny issue goes away. 🤞

Thanks to Marcelo Alves for the tweet that helped lead to this improvement. We love hearing your feedback, so keep it coming.

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