Dependabot's Java support is now in beta

We released alpha support for Java (Maven) back in January. Today, we're upgrading support to beta, with a plan for the additional improvements we need to get Java to full release status. 🎉

Since launch, Dependabot users have merged over 100 Dependabot Java PRs across 19 different repos. With their help we've ironed out the integration's initial bugs, fixed the way it updates the pom.xml to ensure it doesn't reformat it, and yesterday shipped a big improvement to the way Dependabot handles versions set using a property. It's those improvements that warrant the upgrade to beta status.

From here, our target is to get Java support to full release status. To achieve that we need our Java support to handle:

  • Range requirements in your POM. Currently, Dependabot will ignore Java dependencies specified with a range requirement. It should instead create PRs that update the range to cover the latest version.
  • Dependency resolution. Currently, Dependabot will create PRs that update you to the latest version of each of your dependencies without considering whether this version is resolvable in the context of your POM. It should instead create PRs to update you to the latest resolvable version.
  • Alternative repositories. Currently, Dependabot will only query The Central Repository for dependencies. It should instead support any repositories specified in your POM.

If you use Maven we'd love to hear from you as we test support for it. If you have any suggestions, or if you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know!



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