Lerna support

Working on a JavaScript monorepo that uses Lerna? Dependabot will now update all your package.json files automatically.

Automerge options

Previously, if you were using Dependabot on a monorepo that wasn't using Yarn workspaces, each package had to be added to Dependabot individually. Then, when there were updates, Dependabot would create an individual PR for each package in the monorepo. That meant extra setup, and lots of near-identical PRs to review.

Now if you're using Lerna to manage a JavaScript monorepo you can just add the root directory to Dependabot. Then, when one of your dependencies needs updating, Dependabot will create a PR that updates it in all of your packages at once.

We think the above behaviour is a big improvement, but if you prefer to old behaviour of receiving separate PRs to each package in your monorepo you can, of course, still add each package to Dependabot individually.

Note: Dependabot doesn't support linking local/unpublished dependencies that require lerna bootstrap. You can convert local dependencies to use file: imports instead which are supported by Depenedabot with lerna link convert.


Dependabot helps keep your dependencies up-to-date. It's free for personal accounts and open source, and always will be.

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