New feature: option for lockfile updates only

We just shipped a new feature: an option to only receive lockfile-only updates. 🎉

Many languages split dependency management into a manifest file and a lockfile. For these languages, Dependabot's creates PRs that update the requirement in the manifest file (if necessary) as well as the version in the lockfile. Doing so ensures our users are always aware of new major versions and review their manifest files regularly.

Most of the time the behaviour above is exactly what you want. Occasionally, however, we've had users ask to only receive PRs for updates that don't require a change to their manifest file. Generally there's a business reason for this (e.g., an agency has contracted a different fee for different update types).

Now, Dependabot can support the above "lockfile-only" flow, too. We've added it as an "advanced option" when adding Dependabot to a repo - if you need it, it's there for you.

Lockfile only updates

Happy dependency updating!


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