Support for multimodule Maven projects

Dependabot can now help you keep multimodule Maven projects up-to-date.

We released alpha support for Maven back in January, and have been steadily improving Dependabot's handling of pom.xml files since. Last week we made some big improvements which we think are worth calling out.

  1. Dependabot now implements Maven's versions comparison specification in full. That means it knows that 1.0.0 is less than 1.0.0u2, but greater than 1.0.0m, and you can rely on it to update you to the latest version.
  2. Dependabot now supports multimodule Maven projects. If you add the base POM of a multimodule project, Dependabot will automatically get to work on the full tree of dependency files, keeping your project consistent and up-to-date.

We still have some work to do to get Maven support to full release status, but it should already be useful. We'd love your feedback on it, and will be prioritising Maven improvements over the coming weeks.

Finally, we're extremely grateful to Even Holthe for his feedback and help making multimodule support in Dependabot possible. Thanks Even!



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