100,000 pull requests merged! 💯🎉

Early this morning Dependabot's 100,000th pull request was merged. It was to a private repo and updated the Ruby gem selenium-webdriver from 3.12.0 to 3.13.0.


Here are some other Dependabot numbers we're pretty proud of:

  • 5,406 repos are configured to receive PRs from Dependabot
  • 5,146 Dependabot PRs were merged last week
  • 1,556 accounts use Dependabot
  • 85% of those accounts get Dependabot completely free
  • 8 languages are supported (Ruby, Python, JS, PHP, Java, .NET, Elixir and Rust)
  • 8,926 commits have been made to Dependabot's four services (because it turns out automatically writing code is hard, even when it's just dependency files!)

This is just the beginning - we've got big plans for the next year. For example, as well as continuing to improve the core of Dependabot we're planning to add an alert system for library maintainers that notifies them of bugs in new releases, powered by Dependabot's data. Our recent creation of a semver stability badge is just the first step there.

Thanks for using Dependabot and for helping make it what it is today.


Dependabot helps keep your dependencies up-to-date. It's free for personal accounts and open source, and always will be.

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