Dependabot Go

Dependabot for Go

Dependabot creates pull requests to keep your Go dependencies up-to-date.


Go is one of Dependabot's newest languages and we currently only support dep.
Alongside Dependabot's core features we already have support for:

Version conflicts taken care of

Dependabot considers resolvability when determining available version updates. Dependabot PRs will always resolve for your Gopkg.toml.

Gopkg.toml requirement updates

Dependabot will propose updates to your Gopkg.toml, as well as your Gopkg.lock. Alternatively, you can set Dependabot to only make lockfile updates.

Flexible monorepo support

Using a monorepo? No problem - you can specify one or many directories within a repo for Dependabot to look for project in.

Custom branches and labels

By default, Dependabot will create PRs against your default branch and label them with "dependencies". Want to use a different branch or label? No problem.