Dependabot for Java

Dependabot creates pull requests to keep your Java dependencies up-to-date.


Java is one of Dependabot's newest languages. We're still rapidly improving it, but alongside Dependabot's core features it already has:

Support for Maven and Gradle

Dependabot can update pom.xml and build.gradle files. Support for sbt is planned - if you'd like to be a beta tester for it please let us know.

Multi-project support

Dependabot will automatically scan your dependency files for any subprojects, and create pull requests to keep the dependencies of these sub-projects up-to-date.

Custom repository support

Dependabot can handle custom repository sources, and will search your dependency files for any repository declarations. Private repositories can also be specified in your dashboard.

Full details of multi-dependency updates

If updating a property affects multiple dependencies then Dependabot will include details of all of the updates in the pull request it creates.

Flexible monorepo support

Using a monorepo? No problem - you can specify one or many directories within a repo for Dependabot to look for dependency files in.

Custom branches and labels

By default, Dependabot will create PRs against your default branch and label them with "dependencies". Want to use a different branch or label? No problem.