Dependabot for Git Submodules

Dependabot creates pull requests to keep your git submodules up-to-date.

How it works


Dependabot fetches your gitmodules file

Every day, Dependabot pulls down your gitmodules file and the commit SHA for each submodule.


Dependabot checks each submodule's commit

For each submodule, Dependabot fetches the latest commit SHA for the specified branch.


Dependabot creates PRs for outdated submodules

If new commits exist for any of your submodules, Dependabot opens a PR with the new commit SHA.


Alongside Dependabot's core features, our support for submodules has:

Flexible monorepo support

Using a monorepo? No problem - you can specify one or many directories within a repo for Dependabot to look for gitmodules files in.

Custom branches and labels

By default, Dependabot will create PRs against your default branch and label them with "dependencies". Want to use a different branch or label? No problem.